Why You Should Stop Telling Customers About Your Product Specifications

Stop Telling Customers About Your Product Specifications

Your Product Specifications Are Meaningless to Most Buyers

Here’s the cold hard truth about sales and marketing. No one cares about your product specifications. People buy based on emotion, and back up their decision with facts if needed. In order to compel people to pay attention, show interest, decide to take action and buy your product, you must capture their attention with amazing branding and clever marketing, then convince them that your product or service will solve a problem that is bothering them, or provide a transformation improvement of some kind.

What benefits do the customers derive your product or service?
Why are customers motivated to spend their hard earned money on your product or service? If you can’t speak to their heart, from your heart, about this benefits, you will not sell to the customer.

Don’t just spew facts and specs
It is easy for an entrepreneur to describe the features of their product or service. They have been obsessing about manufacturing specifications, product design, setting up delivery and payment systems for months if not years. But rarely do they envision how the customer will feel when the product or service is put to use.

It is hard to convince entrepreneurs that the customer rarely cares about the product’s properties unless they need to defend their recommendation to a boss, friend or family member. The facts and information on the label or product listing such as the size, weight, speed or memory capacity only matter after you’ve convinced them that the product is worth considering.

Bottom line – the customer is self-interested
A prospective customer doesn’t care about the mateirals you used, or your COGS, or even how you’ll pay your bills that the end of the month. The customer only cares about and focuses on what they can gain from a given service or product. Their main considerations are their own ability to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Make money
  • Save  trouble
  • Save transportation
  • Appear more attractive
  • Increase enjoyment
  • Have a memorable experience
  • Get validation or recognition
  • Improve social status
  • Beat the competition


How can you satisfy a customer’s true desires and needs with your product?

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