What is Coworking?

We are excited to create this opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, create and grow thriving new businesses in Santa Clarita, CA. Coworking is a global phenomenon that is transforming how and where we work.

As we prepared to open our workspace, we connected with pioneers who have been operating coworking spaces all over the world. Here’s a collection of resources and research to understand coworking benefits, trends and opportunities.

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW – Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

FORBES – 4 Reasons Every Office Will Be a Coworking Office in 5 Years

COMMON DESK – The Local Economic Impact of Coworking

FAST COMPANY – The Future of Coworking and Why It Will Give Your Company a Huge Edge

DESK MAG – First Results of the 2017 Global Coworking Survey

[slideshare id=69884278&doc=2017globalcoworkingsurveyfirstresultsofficialslides-161206175509]


KNOLL – The Rise of Co-working

Are you thinking of opening your own coworking space?

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