Headphones and Chit Chat – Putting Coworking Noise in Perspective

As I write this while working from home, my computer fan is blowing, the dog is pacing around after barking his furry little face off, the refrigerator is buzzing, the dishwasher is running, the kids are in another room playing Xbox and I can hear the click clack of the keyboard. Luckily the TV is off for the night and no one in my house is currently streaming YouTube videos about obscure yodel-producing sports.
Working at a coffee shop is really no better. The grinding, whirring, sensitive conversations, doors opening, name shouting…all of those noises add up.
Coworking spaces aren’t meant to be silent like a library. There will be a natural hum as folks settle into their work routines, have coffee chats to get to know one another, or greet a visitor. However, they are usually pretty low key.
Coworkers have a code – using one earphone means I can be interrupted, and two earphones means I need to focus and can’t be disturbed. No headphones means I’m ready for anything.
When noises get to the annoying level, just make a kind, quiet request to the noisemaker to please manage the noise. We all get carried away sometimes. Relative to balloons popping and a marching band, coworking noise sounds pretty good to me!
Check out all of the noises that could be much worse!
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Noise what you need to hear
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