Looking for ways to say thank you to your customers? Here’s 30 customer appreciation ideas to get you started.
1. Send a personalized thank you note
2. Tag in a social media post thanking them
3. Take a picture with your client and share
4. Hand out a small gift like a flour or promotional item
5. Host a customer appreciation event
6. Give a gift card to your customer of the week
7. Give a little extra treat with purchase
8. Enter all customers in a drawing for movie or concert tickets
9. Send out tips to help your customers in your area of expertise
10. Send out a special offer or discount on the customer’s next purchase
11. Connect your customer to other trusted community businesses
12. Have a special photo or video shoot to capture fun, shareable moments with your customers
13. Highlight a customer success story in your next email newsletter
14. Bring your customer’s favorite lunch or snacks to your next meeting
15. Recognize your best customers by name when they arrive
16. Introduce your customers to other customers who have things in common
17. Ask for input and feedback, and put the best suggestions into action!
18. Create a rewards program to reward frequent customers
19. Design and implement a referral program to reward customers who tell your story
20. Create a customer wall of fame gallery in your store or online
21. Name a special offer after a customer
22. Remember your customer’s big life events
23. Ask about your customer’s loved ones
24. Create a special award or certificate to honor your customers
25. Book a special outing and invite your best customers
26. Send a welcome gift when a customer first signs up
27. Ask questions about why your customer likes your business, and do more of that!
28. Create opportunities for your customers to celebrate with you and recognize them publicly.
29. Make a donation to charity in the name of your customer
30. Send a thank you text